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AATS team is focused on building innovation in Agriculture that actually solves every farmers 'intenses problem especially for marginal and medium  farmers. We are a well-balanced team of experienced and young minds with wide expertise in the field of Mechanical, Product Design, Operation & Business Development, we also have an advisory committee team with a rich 20+ years of experience.

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Sharad Patil
Founder & CEO

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With 7 years of experience as R&D expert leader with former expertise in aero-modelling. Leading the company's strategies to grow exponentially with disruptive innovation and business acumen.

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Nandita Yenagi
Founder & R&D Head

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A passionate leader and R&D expert. Planning overall business strategy. Monitors technology trends and IP’s to keep the company on the cutting edge. 

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Siddharth M
Design & Production Executive

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Leads Design and development of new products. Management of Production Team, Testing of PoC, ensuring quality product and on time delivery.

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Sourabh J
Demo and Operation Lead

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A farmer's son, a go-getter & worked with farmers closely he has a good understanding of farmer's mindset, experienced in Farmer's markets, he strategizes for demo teams in different regions. 



awarded by
Mr.Narayan Murthy and Dr.Gururaj Deshpande



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