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Fertilizer Feeder 1.4

FF1.4 is a portable fertilizer feeding device which is used to apply dry fertilizer (Granular or powder) directly in the root network of the crop. Thus saves fertilizer and increases income also gradually retaining soil fertility.

Why this product? 

Farmers are throwing away hard-earned money.




For decades together farmers have been feeding fertilizer by bending and feeding each plant.


Since it is tedious and painful more than 95% of farmers, broadcast fertilizer which causes weed growth, wastage of fertilizers, low soil fertility, and many more major problems thus leading to poor yield and low income.



  • Increases farmer income by up to 35% 

    • Saves major expenses like

      • fertilizer up to 50-60%

      • Laborer up to 70%

    • Increased yield by 30-40%

    • Decrease weed growth by 50 - 60%


  • Fertilizer quantity adjustable depending on crops/age/size.

  • Delivery pipe designed for maximum flexibility for reach. 

  • Multiple rows can be covered in one go.

  • Ergonomically designed for weight management on the body and easy usage.

  • Women can also use it easily. 

  • Provided with cushions for comfort.

  • Durability - All weather conditions (AWC).


  • Feed quantity adjustable (with scale) on the go.

  • An unclogging mechanism in the delivery pipe.

  • Storage flow control valve (On/Off).

  • Height adjustment with straps & handle.

Technical specification

  • Storage container capacity 18kg

  • A storage container is a powder-coated with Pure Epoxy, which is non-reactive, dent & rust proof. 

  • All mechanical components are of Stainless Steel (SS304 grade) which is non-corrosive.

  • A mechanism is Fixed & Enclosed in FRP(Fibre Reinforced Plastic-All weather, Non-Reactive & Rugged) components.


Any crops wherein plants are sown at a distance or inline (Ex.: Cotton, Chilly, Sugar Cane, Groundnut, Tobacco, Potato, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Beans, Brinjal, Tomato, Maize, Jowar, Green Gram, Pigeon Pea, Soya Bean, etc.

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